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Welcome to the Precision Gaming website & forums.

The site will be getting extra functionality fairly shortly so please check back regularly to see what's new.

Who we are

Coming soon...

What we do

Right now we are primarily a competitive RO2 clan, but we do play other games and we do plan to expand into other areas (i.e. Battlefield 3 etc.) if there is interest from our members.

Contact us

If you want to get in touch with anyone then the easiest way is to post a message on our forums. Alternatively you can contact any of the staff on steam with the steam names below:

+PrG+Atomic - Co-leader & technical (website/mumble server) questions

+PrG+Force - Co-leader

+PrG+Tina - Co-leader

Sign up

If you're interested in signing up then the best thing to do is to find some clan members and spend some time playing with them, it will help us get to know you and find out if we think you're right for the clan.

Next, when you're ready to sign up then you can either post a thread on the forums (for information on what your post needs to include read this post). Once you have done this then one of the staff will get in touch with more information.

Please note that we may require new recruits to pass a trial period before letting them join the clan properly, especially if we don't already know the recruit (which is another reason to try and play about with us before applying!).

There may also be extra requirements, so please make sure to check the recruitment forum before applying.

Our Servers

Red Orchestra 2 gameserver

Server address:

Mumble voice server

Server address:

Port: 50141